The Southern Sampler

The Southern Sampler is my way of highlighting Southern Artists, Entrepreneurs, Makers and Creators that I admire.  I am proud of my roots even in their humid complexity and “Southern Sampler” is just a natural way for me, a creative shopkeeper to share my pulse on it.  “Southern Sampler” has been simmering on the back burner for a long time and now the time is right! 

This Southern Sampler is all about Entertaining this Christmas Season, which is something that is innate in all of us Southerners. I like to entertain in a “High Low” fashion, which means not taking it so seriously or making it so formal. Otherwise, I would chicken out and never entertain at all!

I truly want my guest to feel at ease. And I want to feel at ease, too!  The cooking part is not necessarily my strength... and I'm lucky to be married to the Grill Master. We go with simple menus, and a few “Southern Cheats”. 

The table setting is what makes my heart sing and where I show my hospitality.  I am so excited to share with you my Southern “Go-to’s” when it comes to setting a table this Christmas Season. Say hello to year 2 of Southern Sampler! May your table be surrounded by those you love. 

This year's Sampler will ship out Monday, December 16th because it will have a signed copy of The Saltwater Table, coastal recipes from Cumberland Island.

You also have the opportunity to order the Southern Sampler for the year! Order all four and receive a 10% discount. Quantity is limited, so if you want to assure that you'll get all four, order today! They are all an amazing collection of products and are still 'works in progress'!

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