I was born and raised in South Georgia. I don't have a Southern accent, nor do I like sweet tea. I do use the word 'y'all', but in one syllable. At the age of 24, I opened Firefly with my dad. He was a lawyer (the Atticus type) by day, and the store's antique buyer. I was in charge of buying everything else, as well as the day-to-day operations. At the time, I didn't realize it was a clever ploy on my dad's part to get his youngest daughter on this side of the world again. I was young, naive and confident. I had worked retail, all my life, starting at thirteen.

I was also a little strange, in that I would save my money and instead of buying beer like normal 19 year olds, I bought antiques. I always had something on "layaway.” Luckily, I had great support, strong female mentors and a little panache of my own. In January of 2013, I bought my Dad out, as he wanted to retire again, and I needed to "own" it. 

He is playing some mean Bridge and I feel revitalized all over again. I still love finding treasures that are unique, fairly-traded, and handmade. I love meeting new folks and greeting old customers time and time again.

Firefly is a unique, eclectic treasure in what is quickly becoming a vast sea of homogeneous, big chain box stores. I hope that is reflected as I continue to add products to this site.

In my own life, I personally believe that "Less is More", so again, products chosen might range from extremely utilitarian, to whimsical, to just beautiful. Firefly is about making your house a home and enhancing it with useful objects that exude character. 

I also design weddings and interiors, and I am a freelance buyer for independent retailers. Lastly, I am the co-founder of Shotgun Supper Club, where we host the South’s finest Chefs and throw a dinner party in our neck of the woods. We just celebrated our 20th year in retail and had our best year to date, so I must be doing something right. My 20th year was focused on highlighting artists whom I carry in the store by hosting trunk shows, book signings, etc. As we look to turning twenty one, it will be all about celebrating, as I continue to host the artisans that make Firefly such a unique, independent store. When I am not working, I am traveling with my two teenage boys and darling husband and just soaking up my wonderful, crazy life.