I was born and raised in South Georgia. I don't have a Southern accent, nor do I like sweet tea. I do use the word 'y'all', but in one syllable. At the age of 24, I opened Firefly with my dad. He was a lawyer (the Atticus type) by day, and the store's antique buyer. I was in charge of buying everything else, as well as the day-to-day operations. At the time, I didn't realize it was a clever ploy on my dad's part to get his youngest daughter on this side of the world again. I was young, naive and confident. I had worked retail, all my life, starting at thirteen. I was also a little strange, in that I would save my money and instead of buying beer like normal 19 year olds, I bought antiques. I always had something on "layaway." Luckily, I had great support, strong female mentors and a little panache of my own. In January of 2013, I bought my Dad out, as he wanted to retire again, and I needed to "own" it.  He is playing some mean Bridge and I feel revitalized all over again.  I still love finding treasures that are unique, fairly-traded, and handmade. I love meeting new folks and greeting old customers time and time again. Firefly is a unique, eclectic treasure in what is quickly becoming a vast sea of homogeneous, big chain box stores. I hope that is reflected as I continue to add products to this site. In my own life, I personally believe that "Less is More", so again, products chosen might range from extremely utilitarian, to whimsical, to just beautiful. Firefly is about making your house a home and enhancing it with useful objects that exude character. When I am not working, HOME is where I love to be with my two darling boys and husband. That is my favorite job of all. SO, peruse our first collection, The Southern Sampler, and come back often, as more collections are brewing on the back burner with lots of good things to come.





When running a daughter and Pop shop (yes, my cute dad does the antique buying), you have to wear SO many hats. My latest "hat" has been that of an event designer! My first wedding, which took place in late October 2011, was in the April/May Issue of Garden & Gun. How is that for my first GO! Needless to say, I am over the MOON, as I LOVE that magazine. I sincerely appreciate how G&G has elevated the south, and the artisans and creative folks who live here. Inevitably, G&G is whittling away the cliches of the south that make me roll my eyes. As an art major, I love the creative process of designing an event; the actual event is fleeting, captured by photos and memories. It is this creative process that runs freely through my veins, and I love seeing the final results, then turning around and going in a totally different direction. I am passionate about design details, regardless of size or budget, and I have limitless ideas on how to make your dinner party, rehearsal dinner, holiday or wedding uniquely special. I also do a lot of personal shopping for clients, so take advantage of that as well. Please call or email me directly at nanmyers(at) if you are interested in hiring me for your special event.

I look forward to talking to you,