Shotgun Supper Club

About the Shotgun Supper Club

The Shotgun Supper Club started innocently around the dinner table of two friends, Nan Myers and Carol Whitney. (Inevitably all their conversations turn to food, whether about a restaurant, a recipe, a chef, produce, bacon, etc…) In the summer of 2012, Myers dined at Chef Mimi Maumus's Supper Club in Athens; inspired by the experience, and a couple of glasses of vino later, Myers and Whitney decided to stop talking about starting their own supper club and just do it. Their premise: to source local and seasonal food, and to share that experience with a diverse group of people.

After killing themselves preparing the first dinner, they quickly decided to reach out to Southern chefs who would like a little mini-working-weekend away.  Carol works with the chefs hunting and gathering local foods, while Nan makes everything pretty. The dinners are usually held on private property only disclosed to the ticket holders.  A menu for the upcoming dinners, along with the featured chef, is posted in advanced.  A few days later, the tickets go "live" and the dinners usually sell out in minutes.  

What started as casual conversation has quickly become a much-anticipated event in Thomasville. To stay informed about upcoming Shotgun Supper Club dinners, subscribe to the Shotgun Supper Club Newsletter.


Past Dinners

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Shotgun Supper Club November 2016 in Partnership with PWAF, Hosted by Schermer Pecans


Shotgun Supper Club October 2013 Featuring Chef Mimi Maumus


Shotgun Supper Club May 2013 Featuring Chefs Sarah and Chris from Charleston's Glass Onion


Shotgun Supper Club February 2013 Featuring Chef Whitney Otawka


The Inaugural Shotgun Supper Club September 2012